A brand new association with 150 years of history.  “But how can that be?”, you may well ask.  Through a thoughtful and purposeful merger between two well-established cooling, heating and plumbing associations in North Carolina.

Prior to merging, these two parent organizations served our representative industries with nearly 150 years of combined experience.   In 2011, the Boards of Directors for both organizations met to discuss the future of these associations and how they could best serve the needs of contractors and industry associates in our state. After much discussion and decisions by the Boards, our members voted unanimously to create one new association – the North Carolina Plumbing and Mechanical Association, a proud Affiliate of the PHCC-National association, where you’ll always find the Best People and Best Practices.

And NOW . . .

Announcing the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors of North Carolina, Inc.!!

During a special called meeting in July, 2015 the members present, comprising a quorum of the entire NCPMA membership, voted unanimously to change the name of the association to Plumbing–Heating–Cooling Contractors of North Carolina, Inc. The name change was proposed and approved for the following reasons:

1)    To take advantage of and promote the national name recognition and affiliation with the Plumbing–Heating–Cooling Contractors National Association (PHCC-NA).

2)    To align state and local marketing efforts with national association marketing efforts.

3)    To strengthen North Carolina’s efforts in trade education implementation for young men and women entering the plumbing–heating–cooling profession.

4)    To educate the public in general as to the “Best People – Best Practices” of all members of the association across the state and nation.

Jeff Voss, of Jeff’s Plumbing & Repair in Boone, NC, the 2015 President of PHCC of NC, said “This name change is about the future, not the past. With our merger four years ago, we became an organization of new ideas, fresh outlooks, and a membership dedicated to promoting the professionalism and opportunity offered in the plumbing–heating–cooling trades in North Carolina. The name change gives us a better opportunity to accomplish this.

We are excited about the opportunities this name change will bring to our association … from continued business development efforts and technical resources to broader sponsorship support on behalf of contractors on North Carolina. We believe that this change will make us an even stronger association, ready to serve our members and the public today and as we move forward into the future.”