The answer to HOW to become a Member of PHCC of North Carolina is a simple answer. You simply complete a Membership Application, giving basic contact information about yourself and your company, and about your licenses held, providing Reference information, and then submit the whole package for approval. You’ll find the Membership Application links for download on the page under the Contractor, Associate, or Affiliate tabs.

Ah, but you’d like to know WHY to become a Member! Why should you associate yourself with PHCC of North Carolina? That is a much broader answer. The key points? –

  • 150 years of history. “But wait, I thought PHCCNC was just established! How can you claim 150 years of history?” PHCC of North Carolina is the result of merging two long established, well respected associations into one stronger and more effective voice for the cooling, heating, and plumbing industry in North Carolina. As stated on our About PHCCNC page, in 1910 the Master Plumbing Association began. Then in 1963 the Mechanical Contractors of North Carolina was initially founded as the NC Warm-Air Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors Association. Two associations; 150 years of combined history; merged to form one new association, initially called the North Carolina Plumbing and Mechanical Association, to provide broader and stronger benefits to the entire mechanical and plumbing contractor industry; and now moving forward under a NEW NAME since a membership vote in July, 2015: PHCC of North Carolina!!

  • We’re stronger together than separated. Together we bring a collective voice to advocacy and legislative efforts on behalf of the industry. Together we learn from each other to strengthen your business, your employees, and perhaps even your own character.

  • We bring focused effort in providing educational and scholarship opportunities to tomorrow’s workers and leaders for the betterment of our industry.

  • We can tap into the potential of group buying discounts to improve the bottom line of your business, which ultimately benefits you and your family.

  • Through our affiliation with the PHCC-National association, we have access to resources that will train and empower you and your employees in critical subjects such as safety, OSHA regulations, effective communications, and current and trend setting business technologies.

The real Bottom Line? Membership in PHCC of North Carolina is one of your best business decisions!